Strategic Lawering Paris Lyon Bruxelles

Justine Cheytion


Member of the Lyon Bar

As a trial lawyer, Justine practices primarily criminal law, civil law, business law and sports law.

Trained as a criminal lawyer, she provides assistance in the defense of indictees or victims in criminal and white collar cases.

She also advises and defends a French and foreign clientele comprising corporate clients and private individuals in civil disputes (law of persons, property law, contract law, etc.), commercial disputes (distribution, competition, sudden breach of established business relationships, etc.) and sport-related disputes (sports associations, sports contracts and breaches of applicable sports rules).

Selected Operation Summary

  • Defended and represented individuals in trials for crimes, misdemeanors and involuntary manslaughters
  • Assisted corporate officers in identifying criminal risks and defended them against criminal charges.
  • Drafted criminal complaints and preparation of so-called CIVI files (i.e. applications to the Commission d’indemnisation des victimes d’infractions pénales – Commission of compensation for victims of criminal offenses) and SARVI files (i.e. applications to the Service d’aide au recouvrement des victimes d’infraction – Collection assistance for victims of offenses)
  • Review of sports contracts


  • Soulier AARPI, 2015
  • Association d’information et d’aide aux victimes (ADIAV – Association for the information and support of victims), Montpellier, January-July 2014 (internship)


  • Post-graduate Degree in Criminal Law, Montpellier 1 University, 2013
  • Master’s Degree in Private Law, Criminal Sciences and Judicial Professions, Montpellier 1 University, 2012


  • French
  • English