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This author no longer works within the firm

Sophie Risaletto


Member of the Lyon Bar

Trial lawyer and notary public by training, Sophie focuses her practice primarily on civil law, real estate, inheritance and succession, judicial enforcement procedures, family law and criminal law.

She represents and defends a French and foreign clientele comprising legal entities, corporate officers and individuals in connection with real estate disputes (legal guarantee and ten-year guarantee, court-ordered expert investigations, infringement of property rights, etc.), inheritance and succession disputes (asset and wealth transfer strategy, estate administration and distribution, etc.) and family disputes (separation of non-married couple, divorce, filiation proceedings, etc.) As a criminal lawyer, she also represents defendants or victims in trials for manslaughter, assault and battery, robbery and concealment of stolen items, fraud and defamation.


Selected Operation Summary

  • Defended and represented individuals in divorce proceedings and separation proceedings following the termination of common-law marriage, dissolution of civil partnerships, etc.
  • Assisted individuals in connection with filiation proceedings (establishment of paternity, disclaimer of paternity, etc.), name and/or first name change proceedings, placement under guardianship, etc.
  • Provided legal advice and assistance in relation to inheritance, succession and will disputes
  • Drafted deeds of sale of real estate properties and managed publication formalities with the Mortgage Registry
  • Defended corporate and individual clients in real estate lawsuits (easements, urban zoning, etc.) and co-ownership disputes
  • Drafted summons for the release of attachments on personal and real properties, objections to payment injunctions and petition to the Court of Appeals for the suspension of the provisional enforcement of judgments
  • Defended corporate officers and executives against charges of misappropriation of corporate assets, breach of trust, fraud, etc.


  • BJL law firm, Montreal, Canada, August-December 2011
  • Adeline BEL law firm, Lyon, January-May 2011
  • Me SIBILLE firm, notary public, Vaugneray, 2008-2010


  • Notarial Practice Internship Completion Certificate, Notary Institute of Lyon, 2011
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Notarial Practice, Notary Institute of Lyon, 2008
  • Master’s Degree in Notarial Law, University Lyon III, 2006


  • French
  • English