27 April 2018

Marlène Schiappa’s bill against sexual and sexist violence as a response to the “#balancetonporc” movement (Part 1)

Sexual offenses have rocketed into the limelight in recent months. The societal phenomenon #balancetonporc (#balancetonporc is the French equivalent of #MeToo) has led Marlène Schiappa, French Minister of State for Gender Equality, to work on a draft bill to combat sexual and sexist behaviors. With the strengthening of the existing legislative arsenal and the creation […]

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29 November 2017

Forced heirship and French international public policy

In two decisions handed down on September 27, 2017[1], the First Civil Chamber of the Cour de Cassation (French Supreme Court) held that “a foreign law designated by the conflict-of-law rule, which excludes forced heirship, is not, in and of itself, contrary to French international public policy and may be set aside only if its […]

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30 August 2017

Theft of information

In a decision dated June 28, 2017, the Criminal Chamber of the Cour de cassation (French Supreme Court) specified that “free access to personal information on a company’s IT network does not mean that such information may not be fraudulently appropriated by any means of reproduction”. This landmark decision revives the debate on the tricky […]

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29 June 2017

Statute of limitation reform in criminal matters

Since March 1, 2017, new provisions govern the statutes of limitations for the prosecution of criminal offenses (i.e. the time-line during which an offense must be prosecuted) and the statutes of limitations for the enforcement of penalties. What are the consequences of these changes? The statutes of limitations for the prosecution of crimes (felonies) and […]

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