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30 November 2015


We were deeply moved by the many messages we received from all over the world in the hours that followed the terrible attacks that took place in Paris on November 13. All of these messages expressed a feeling of unity, beyond cultural differences. And this is precisely what differentiates us from the barbarians who perpetrated […]

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26 June 2015

The inventor of the sewing machine and the arthropods

Much has been said about the resistances of French society to major industrial and technological revolutions. A little book[1] in praise of Barthélémy Thimonnier, the inventor of the sewing machine, given to me by the CEO of the company Thimonnier, is a reminder that fear of change and temptation of inaction can resurface wherever an […]

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26 June 2015

Common law vs. Civil law: Cultural gaps in the rules of evidence

My participation in a panel on the rules of evidence during a meeting of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) in Lisbon made me realize once again the substantial cultural gaps between Common law countries and Civil law countries.Just like planets are not to meet each other, these gaps occur along several axes: the […]

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1 August 2014

Why a website in nine languages?

At the beginning of the summer, we announced the launch of our new website that comprises two full sites in French and English and seven satellite sites in other languages. Jean-Luc Soulier tells us more about the rationale of this multilingual project. At the beginning of the summer, we announced the launch of our new […]

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1 May 2014

ALSTOM decree: economic patriotism strikes back

Pursuant to a Law dated December 28, 1966, still in effect today, “financial dealings between France and foreign countries are unrestricted”. This freedom is exercised in conditions set by the Government that may, “to ensure the defense of national interests and by way of decrees adopted on the basis of a report of the Minister […]

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1 April 2013

The road to legislative hell is paved with good… ideological… intentions

The publication in the Official Journal of the Law dated April 16, 2013 on the independence of expertise in health and environmental matters and on the protection of lanceurs d’alerte[1] (the “Law”) went almost unnoticed in the maelstrom of irrational violence that dominated the world headlines in the past few weeks. Yet, it provides the […]

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