28 May 2015

The clause relating to spouses’ contribution to household expenses set forth in a marriage contract prevents divorcing spouses from asserting a claim against each other in this respect

Pursuant to Article 214 of the French Civil Code, “Where a marital agreement does not regulate the contribution of the spouses to the household expenses, they shall contribute to such expenses in proportion to their respective abilities”. This provision applies regardless of the marital regime elected by the spouses, and enables to adjust, through a […]

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27 March 2015

The payment of the rental debt can be deferred up to three years without it being possible to terminate the lease agreement during that period

Law n°2014-366 of March 24, 2014 on access to housing and town planning reform, commonly known as the “ALUR Law”, has introduced significant changes in the relationships between landlords and tenants. Since March 27, 2014, the modifications brought about by this Law apply to residential lease agreements entered into after said date. Lease agreements existing […]

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