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Real Estate

The Real Estate Department of the Soulier AARPI law firm advises and represents the various market players in the real estate industry, whether professional or non-professional, on all specific issues that may arise in this business sector.


Thanks to our attorneys’ diversified and complementary backgrounds (corporate lawyers, tax lawyers, former judges in civil and administrative courts and notary), we provide our French and foreign clients with integrated comprehensive legal services through a global and transversal approach that encompasses the whole chain of required skills and competences.

As such, we act as lead counsels for constructors, real estate developers, investors, major hospitality and tourism firms, first rank French and foreign banks and financial institutions, public bodies, association of co-owners and real estate owners.

In this context, our services include, but are not limited to:


Construction law governs the relationships between all the parties involved in what is often referred to as the “act of construction” (which includes construction works, renovation works, etc.).

Our lawyers assist these various market players – project owners, project managers, construction companies, architects, control and certification bodies, etc. – in connection with the design and structuring of contractual arrangements and the preparation and negotiation of all types of instruments related to the conception, construction, renovation and/or operation of real estate properties (EPC contracts, so-called FIDIC contracts, real estate development agreements, grouping agreements, off-plan sale contracts, general contractor agreements, project management contracts, assistance to project owner agreements, etc.).

They provide legal and strategic assistance in the management of difficulties likely to arise during the performance of the works (disasters, accidents, discontinuation of works, disputes, etc.) and on the key phases of works delivery and approval as well as during the so-called perfect completion warranty year (late deliveries, non-compliance, defects, etc.).

In this respect, they have developed in-depth knowledge of the various remedies available before civil and administrative courts, such as interim injunction proceedings, emergency procedures, court-ordered expert investigations, liability claims and enforcement of legal and contractual warranties.

Urban Planning and Development

Our Firm offers expertise in all areas of urban planning and development.

We assist the various market players on the applicable national and/or local legislation in order to optimize construction rights and facilitate the delivery of the required authorizations (demolition/construction permits, operating authorizations, etc.).

We assist our French and foreign clients throughout the application approval process, centralize, manage and follow-up the various administrative procedures/formalities, and liaise with the competent local authorities.

Real Estate Transactions and Lease Agreements

Our Real Estate Department assists our French and foreign clients with the purchase/sale of real estate assets and business concerns, as well as leasehold rights, commercial lease agreements and housing and co-ownership leases.

Our lawyers strive to optimize the legal and tax structure of all types of real estate transactions and assist our clients in the preparation and negotiation of the contractual documentation best suited to the specificities of the project.

They have also developed a significant expertise and regularly counsel French and foreign companies on the whole spectrum of lease agreements (commercial leases, civil leases, leases pertaining to buildings not yet erected) for all types of real estate assets (industrial sites, offices, business premises, stores in shopping centers, etc.) and frequently handle litigation issues that are specific to commercial lease agreements (renewal, change of intended use, rent indexation, termination, etc.).

Real Estate Financings

Soulier regularly provides legal assistance in connection with the structuring and implementation of real estate financings for all types of real estate transactions (acquisitions of portfolios of erected or to-be-erected real estate assets, construction of real estate projects, development and rehabilitation of existing assets, etc.).

In this context, our attorneys counsel borrowers, investors and financial institutions in particular in connection with the preparation and negotiation of real estate financing contracts, the implementation of real estate collaterals and security interests, and the creation and incorporation of real estate companies.