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Published at 29 March 2019
Author : Anaëlle Idjeri
E-newsletter: March 2019
In the wake of the lengthy judgment by which it had ordered Twitter to amend almost all the clauses contained in its contractual documentation intended for French users – which we commented in an article entitled Unfair terms and personal data: Twitter sentenced by a French court – the Paris Court of First Instance ruled on February 12, 2019 on the validity of the clauses contained in Google's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The combined reading of the thorough analysis made by the Court in this recent decision and in the previous decision concerning Twitter offers a valuable framework for identifying provisions that may be considered abusive or unlawful within the meaning of French consumer law and the legislation on the protection of personal data.
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Published at 30 October 2017
Category : New Technologies
E-newsletter: October 2017
With a view to tightening digital platforms’ transparency and loyalty towards consumers, three Decrees published on September 29, 2017 have clarified the information requirements imposed on the operators of such platforms. Some of the measures introduced by the Decrees must be implemented by January 1, 2018.
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