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Published at 30 August 2017
Author : Chems Idrissi
Category : New Technologies
E-newsletter: July / August 2017
In his book entitled Intelligence artificielle : vers une domination programmée ? published in 2007 by Le Cavalier Bleu editions, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia defines Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) as “the discipline in computer science that seeks to develop machines that mimic the superior faculties of intelligence”. In practice, when applied to the legal industry, AI could be used for a number of tasks, including, but not limited to, the generation of legal documentation, the definition of strategies in disputes and litigations, the automation of basic tasks commonly performed by trainees and junior associates. In this context, should we fear the progressive end of lawyers?
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Published at 29 August 2016
Author : André Soulier
Category : Editorial
E-newsletter: July / August 2016
A recent case – there is no need to mention the name of the person involved since the media have extensively echoed the accusations made by boy scout victims of sexual abuses by a priest in the 1980’s and at the beginning of 1991 following the recent indictment of such priest on charges of sexual assaults – has moved public opinion. Plaintiffs claim that their Bishop had been timely informed of the turpitudes of the priest and blame him for failing to alert the judicial authorities on the threat posed by the priest in the performance of his parish duties.
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