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Master of one’s own destiny

Published at 30 November 2018
Category : Labor & Employment
E-newsletter: November 2018
Digital technology has already changed working methods. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), we are just at the beginning of a unparallel transformation that will affect not only the labor and employment market but also working relationships. What does exactly mean AI’s impact on working relationships? When we say working relationships, it implies labor law. Labor and employment law should be used as a legal tool to steer the obvious changes brought by AI in the workplace. The challenge is thus to identify avenues for adapting our labor and employment legislation in order to anticipate and smooth the transition to the new world. This article is the third part of a trilogy built around the lifetime of employment contracts: Hiring / performance / termination. It is devoted to the issue of employability of humans in tomorrow’s working world. In order to combat the inevitable fear of machines taking control over humans, humans must already reflect on what are their best assets to remain “employable”, which does not, however, prevent us from building without delay an ethical framework to protect the most vulnerable ones.
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