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Published at 29 November 2016
Category : Labor & Employment
E-newsletter: November 2016
In our October 2016 e-newsletter, we addressed forfait working time arrangements, an important element of the so-called “Work Law” of August 8, 2016 . This month, we will focus on an even more sensitive issue raised by said Law: Dismissals on economic grounds. It is clear that through successive reforms, the French legislator, navigating by sight on troubled waters and finding himself in the middle of a power game between trade-unions and employers’ federations, has been trying to reach his goal to make French labor and employment law more secure while maintaining focus on employment protection and growth. In this spirit, the Work Law attempts to make dismissals on economic grounds more secure but, after so many compromises, it does not really recast the existing set of rules and even create additional uncertainties. As such, it seems that unfortunately the hopeful resolution to build a secured framework adapted to economic and financial constraints has not been yet fulfilled.
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