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30 January 2019

Judges’ resistance to Macron’s scale for the determination of damages

More than a year after the reform of French labor and employment law introduced by the Macron Ordinances dated September 22, 2017, the mandatory scale for the determination of damages in case of dismissal without real and serious cause continues to be a source of debate. Four Labor Courts have recently found that this flagship […]

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30 May 2018

Focus on the Social and Economic Committee, the new employee representative body created by Ordinance n°2017-1386

The merger of the various employee representative bodies into a single one called “Social and Economic Committee” (“SEC”) is one of the flagship measures of Macron Ordinance n°2017-1386 dated September 22, 2017. While it was already possible to aggregate all the employee representative bodies, in particular under the so-called “Single Staff Representation” mechanism, this is […]

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