Our firm

Founded in 1960, Soulier Avocats is an independent full-service law firm with offices in Paris and Lyon and a representation office in Brussels.

We advise and defend French and foreign businesses and offer key players in the economic, industrial and financial world comprehensive legal services.

Our ambition is to help our clients determine and implement their strategic objectives and operational decisions, whatever the difficulties involved and the scope of their project, and to play a leading role in the prevention and resolution of commercial, financial or individual disputes.

Because of our cross-functional structure, we can assemble any time high-level teams bringing together complementary expertise and skills to promptly provide tailored responses to our clients’ needs.

We have created a work environment that incorporates recent technologies in order to reduce time and space constraints, increase pro-activity and strengthen the relationship with our clients.

Every day, all of our lawyers work in several languages.

Culture of excellence

Legal excellence is the Firm’s primary requirement. It is based on four cornerstones: expertise, rigor, passion for law and integrity.

Tailor-made client service

Each file is unique. This is why our clients, whatever their size, their nationality and branch of activity, benefit from customized services that are tailored to their specific needs.

Availability and responsiveness

In a continuously changing world, time is of the essence. We have implemented an internal organization that guarantees constant availability and that secures the prompt mobilization and deployment of dedicated teams in order to meet our clients’ expectations in a timely and effective manner.


The members of Soulier Avocats form a united and cohesive team and they all share a taste for effort and the appreciation of hard work, thereby creating synergies to better serve our clients’ interests. Our strength lies in our ability to rally and mobilize our skills and expertise to achieve a common project spurred by a fighting spirit which is enhanced by the real pleasure of working together as a team.

Our Approach


Through the diversity of the assignments entrusted to us by our broad-based French and foreign clientele, we have maintained the spirit of a full-service law firm capable of dealing at any time with any legal issues, both as advisors and litigators.

As such, we are best-positioned to assist businesses in complex files, cases and transactions requiring the input of specialists who, however, understand the global picture.


Our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industries combined with our cross-functional legal approach enables us to conceive, offer and implement tailored, efficient and pragmatic solutions, particularly in complex files, cases or transactions with a high degree of technicality.


We advise and defend our clients on any and all legal issues likely to arise in connection with their daily operations, business transactions and strategic decisions.

Ethics and Rules of Conduct

Strict compliance with applicable rules of ethics and professional conduct is a principle that has been entrenched in Soulier Avocats’ culture since its inception in 1960.

Each Firm member has taken an oath to exercise his/her professional activity in a conscientious and independent manner, with dignity, humanity and integrity.

By joining the Firm, each member has made a commitment to meticulously follow the rules set forth in the French Attorney’s Professional Code of Ethics and to adopt an irreproachable ethical behavior at all times.

Our members strictly comply with the professional secrecy obligation imposed on lawyers and paralegals and with the client-attorney privilege.

For each new prospective client, we conduct a thorough conflict of interest check. In the event a possible conflict arises, the partners determine the best solution for both the client and the Firm.


Soulier Avocats recognizes its obligation to deliver effective legal services at a fair price.

Our fees are established in accordance with the rules set forth by French law and by the French Bar Association.

We generally invoice our services on a time spent basis. Our attorneys’ and paralegals’ hourly rates are determined on the basis of their experience and seniority.

Wherever applicable, we can also apply, on a case-by-case basis, customized alternative billing arrangements that help our clients benefit from reliable expense predictability and maintain at all times efficient cost-control.