Experts’ Contributions

In this Section, Soulier Avocats is pleased to publish contributions and insights from legal professionals, most of whom from leading foreign law firms with which we regularly work on transnational cases and transactions.

In a context of globalization and permanent changes, these contributions open windows on the world and, through a legal analytical prism, help us better understand the tremendous structural, institutional and business shifts affecting our present-day societies.

These articles also provide valuable information to businesses wishing to expand or consolidate their operations internationally.

Recent experts' contributions

June 2020

Brexit happened – what will occur to your EU IP rights?

After years of delay, Brexit came into effect and the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. Brexit will have wide-ranging implications for business, and highly regulated industries such as the life sciences industry will need to anticipate and mitigate a variety of changes. This article highlights some of the critical changes regarding IP rights and provides some guidance for future planning.

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May 2020

Coronavirus Lawsuits on the Horizon: Termination and Discrimination

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the USA, many employers responded to this unprecedented and uncertain situation by furloughing and laying off some or all of their workforce. These actions already have spurred labor and employment lawsuits. And more are likely on the horizon, including as employees start returning to work.

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February 2020

The customs risk in the European Union: We avoid it, we postpone it, or we confront it!

Leveraging on its expertise in the management of customs issues, Lighthouse LHLF – Law Firm has organized in recent months a series of conferences on customs control and litigation. In this respect, while a certain number of issues are of primary interest to business operator, there is one that cannot be overlooked: the customs risk from a criminal law perspective.

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