In the past few years, sports law has become a legal specialty unto itself that, however, encompasses multitude areas of law such as contract law, IP, personality rights and labor law.

With a wealth of experience behind it, Soulier Avocats has built a team of multidisciplinary lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the legal specificities of the sports industry.

Our lawyers advise the various parties involved in the world of sports – sportsmen and athletes, clubs, sports federations, sponsors, etc. – on a wide range of legal issues such as the creation, expansion and management of sports facilities, the negotiation and preparation of contractual tools such as professional sportsmen contracts and sponsoring agreements, personality rights, the negotiation of TV broadcasting rights and the management of labor/employment relationships.

We also defend our clients in the framework of disciplinary and administrative disputes, mediation procedures and arbitration proceedings before national and international authorities.

Our client portfolio includes several national sports federations, numerous athletes from a variety of sports disciplines, including world and Olympic champions, professional football players, professional and amateur football clubs as well as their chairman and former chairmen, sports agents and intermediaries, team managers, sports event organizers, sponsors as well as marketing and entertainment companies specialized in sports events.