International publications

Soulier Avocats regularly contributes to the preparation of collective editorial works dedicated to issues that are of interest to companies and corporate groups conducting operations in several countries.

The most recent publications to which we have contributed are as follows:

WLG Merger Control Guide 2020

World Law Group Ltd., 2020

Designed as a quick reference resource for every organization which is involved in M&A transactions, the WLG Merger Control Guide 2020 provides “at-a-glance” information on merger control for 91 jurisdictions around the world.

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2019-2020 Report on Global Trade Policy

World Law Group Ltd., 2019

This Report provides an overview on top trade policy priorities and challenges in several jurisdictions, outlining the overall approach country-by-country on international trade and specifying concrete policy measures applied.

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Getting The Deal Through – Government Relations, second edition

Law Business Research Limited, 2019

The second edition of this Guide provides – just like the first edition to which Soulier Avocats had already contributed – a comparative analysis of the legal frameworks, regulation and procedures concerning the practice of government relations and lobbying within the most significant jurisdictions worldwide.

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Global Guide to Non-Competition Agreements

World Law Group Series, 2018

Non-competition agreements can help a business protect its confidential information, trade secrets and customer relationships and prevent unfair competition. However, whether such agreements can be enforced, and under what circumstances, vary significantly among jurisdictions.

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Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs, second edition

World Law Group Series, 2016

The implementation of a whistleblowing program, i.e. a system encouraging employees to report issues that can affect the business of their company or involve its responsibility, is subject to specific rules that vary from one country to another.

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