Labor & Employment

Soulier Avocats assists its clients, primarily businesses, in all aspects of French labor, employment and social security law.

French labor & employment law is often viewed as a disincentive to business expansion, notably because it is constantly evolving and imposes heavy burdens on companies.

Our commitment is to make this complex legislation more accessible and understandable to our clients, through a pragmatic and operational approach and a constant focus on creative legal engineering, while ensuring legal certainty at all times.

We guarantee to our clients responsiveness and efficiency in managing unexpected and urgent labor-related issues that may arise in connection with their operations, as well as a constant effort of anticipation and optimization.

Our Labor & Employment Department works closely with the Firm’s other Departments, in particular the Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions Department regarding inter alia any issues related to the status of corporate officers and senior executives and the combination of corporate mandate and employment contract, transfers of employees and due diligence in M&A transactions.

In this context, our expertise covers the following areas:

Individual Labor Relationships

Soulier Avocats assists companies and corporate officers in connection with the legal management of their human resources and intervenes at all stages throughout the life of the employment contract, i.e. conclusion, performance and termination.
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Collective Labor Relationships

Soulier Avocats assists its clients on all issues arising from their relationship with staff representative bodies and trade unions (including in relation to the so-called délit d’entrave, i.e. a criminal offense that consists in any action to intentionally obstruct the establishment, election and functioning of the staff representative bodies and trade unions).
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Business Reorganizations and Restructuring

French rules governing collective dismissals on economic grounds are becoming increasingly complex and burdens imposed on businesses have increased drastically, in particular since the adoption of the Law of June 14, 2013 on Securing Employment.
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Due Diligences and Audits of Employment Practices

Soulier Avocats assists companies of all sizes operating in a wide range of industries in connection with compliance audits, Due Diligence and Vendor Due Diligence.
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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Soulier Avocats works closely with its clients to anticipate health- and safety-related risks and to deal with the obligations imposed on them in this respect.
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Remuneration Policy – Employee Savings – Employee Stock Ownership

Soulier Avocats assist businesses in designing and implementing their remuneration policy.
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Welfare – Social Protection

In the field of welfare and social protection, employees’ expectations are rising and legal and regulatory requirements and obligations are increasingly difficult to manage. As such, companies must be proactive and anticipate the related risks.
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International Labor Mobility – Secondment – Expatriation – Business Immigration

Soulier Avocats assists its French and foreign clients on labor law, social protection law and immigration law in the framework of the mobility/secondment of their employees.
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Data Privacy

Soulier Avocats has built up over a number of years a strong expertise in data privacy in the field of labor and employment law.
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Labor, Civil and Administrative Litigation

Soulier Avocats defends the interests of its clients before all French labor, civil and administrative courts.
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