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30 October 2019

Simplification of French corporate law: Overview of some flagship measures

Following the so-called PACTE Law which amended several major areas of French corporate law (Law No. 2019-486 of May 22, 2019), the Law on the Simplification, Clarification and Modernization of Corporate Law (the “Law”), published in the Official Gazette on July 19, 2019 under the number 201-9-744, entered into force on July 21, 2019. This […]

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31 October 2018

New reforms aimed at simplifying the internal operation of companies

The Bill on business growth and transformation and the Bill for the modernization of business transfers are important items on the Minister of Economy and Finance’s end-of-year agenda. While one Bill is promoted by the government and the other by the Parliament, both aim at simplifying the internal operation of companies. This article focuses on […]

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29 June 2018

Main legal issues in international business expansion

Expanding internationally is most of the time critical for businesses wishing to break into other markets. However, international expansion is not without posing a number of risks, in particular legal and financial ones, that need to be identified and addressed upstream when designing the overall expansion strategy. While the choice of the most appropriate legal […]

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30 October 2017

A new legal framework for debt financing

In the wake of the wave of modernization and transparency of the French economic life triggered by the so-called “Sapin II” Law, in particular as regards the financing of the economy, Ordinance n°2017-1432 of October 4, 2017 reshapes the legal framework for asset management and debt financing. The objective is to respond to businesses’ needs […]

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30 August 2017

The foreign investment screening device in France is simplified… but not reduced

In the wake of the large-scale program launched in France in 2013 to simplify the regulatory framework applicable to businesses, Decree n°2017-932 of May 10, 2017 introducing various simplification measures for businesses has streamlined the formalities that foreign companies must carry out to invest in France. This simplification must not, however, mask the French government’s […]

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30 May 2017

A new status for Security Agents under French law

Ordinance n°2017-748 of May 4, 2017 adopted in furtherance of the so-called “Sapin II” Law on transparency, fight against corruption and modernization of the economy, adds a new element to the concept of Security Agent in the context of syndicated loans, thereby offering banks and other institutions an efficient and secure device comparable to what […]

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