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1 December 2012 | Jean-Luc Soulier

The dioxin case: a discreet epilogue

The highly publicized case concerning the incinerator of Gilly-sur-Isère, better known as the “dioxin case”, has finally reached its epilogue, more than ten years after the launch of the judicial investigation ordered by the Public Prosecutor of the Albertville Criminal Court.  As may be remembered, an association of people living near the incinerator, supported by […]

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1 August 2012 | Laure Marolleau

The healthcare industry under scrutiny and forced to be more transparent

The so-called Médiator® case[1] has fostered in France an unprecedented climate of suspicion towards the healthcare system and significantly tarnished the image of the medicinal product industry and healthcare companies in general. Fully aware of the shockwave caused by this case, the French legislator adopted a law to restore public confidence in the French health […]

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1 August 2012 | Laure Marolleau

The owner of a former classified facility site may be held liable for the waste materials abandoned thereon by the site operator

When a classified facility (“CF”)[1]  is definitively shut down, it is primarily up to the operator, i.e. the entity that controls and manages the activity and the site on an everyday basis, to comply with all applicable provisions related to site rehabilitation. A difficulty arises when it is not possible to impose the obligation to […]

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1 July 2012 | Jean-Luc Soulier

After 9 years of procedure, the French supreme court puts a final end to the highly publicized bee case. An insider’s chronicle

In a decision dated May 30, 2012, the Cour de Cassation (French Supreme Court) wrote the final chapter of the long legal and media saga in which the world leading chemical and agrochemical company has been accused of being at the origin of the abnormally high death rate observed among the bee population in France, […]

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