Classified facilities

Under French law, an installation classée pour la protection de l’environnement (literally a classified facility for the protection of the environment) is an industrial or agricultural facility that is likely to present a risk or cause pollution or nuisance, especially for the safety or health of local residents. The activities covered by the legislation on classified facilities are set forth in an official list that indicates whether they are subject to the authorization or administrative declaration regime, depending on the level of risks or inconveniences they present.

Soulier Avocats assists operators of classified facilities in complying with their obligations both upon the creation/start of the facility/operations (authorization, registration, declaration, delivery of financial guarantees), the operation of the facility (change in the operating conditions, reporting requirements, etc.) and the discontinuation of their business activities (change of operators or shut down).

We also counsel owners and operators of classified facilities in connection with all issues related to site pollution, site remediation and disposal of waste resulting from the conducted operations and, more generally, on all environmental and criminal liability issues.

We represent our clients in disputes and litigations before administrative courts (e.g. following investigations and audits by the Classified Facility Inspection Bureau, demand letters issued by administrative authorities, administrative sanctions and penalties), civil courts (e.g. abnormal neighborhood disturbances) or criminal courts.