Business and Antitrust

Soulier Avocats represents and defends French and foreign clients in all types of disputes that may arise with their commercial and business partners, including, but not limited to, breach of negotiations, termination of contractual relationships and/or established business relationships. 

We also have a strong expertise in unfair competition related disputes and we regularly defend corporate clients in relation to disparagement (i.e. the dissemination of malicious information on a competitor, its products or activities), parasitic actions and free riding (i.e. slavish imitation of advertising materials, products, web sites, packages, general terms of sale, etc.), poaching of a large number of a competitor’s employees, wrongful and illegal use of a competitor’s know-how, illegal diversion of consumers, breach of non-competitive commitments and restrictive covenants, etc.

Soulier Avocats also assists its clients in antitrust litigation (e.g. cartels, practices that restrict competition, etc.) before competent courts and authorities.