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Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs, second edition

World Law Group Series, 2016

The implementation of a whistleblowing program, i.e. a system encouraging employees to report issues that can affect the business of their company or involve its responsibility, is subject to specific rules that vary from one country to another.

Consequently, companies acting in a global environment with subsidiaries and businesses across a large number of jurisdictions face a daunting task: establishing compliance guidelines and whistleblowing reporting schemes that are both effective and consistent across the entire organization and which, at the same time, observe applicable data protection, privacy and labour laws in many countries.

The updated and expanded second edition of the Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs– which covers 58 countries, as well as a special chapter on the European Union – answers commonly asked questions, including, but not limited to, what laws govern whistleblowing programs in each country, must organizations obtain prior approval for such programs from a government authority and, if so, how, are there limits on the subject matter of whistleblowing reports, is the consent of employees or unions required to implement a whistleblowing program, or are there limits to cross-border transfers of data used in a whistleblowing program?

Read and download the chapter France of the second edition of theGlobal Guide to Whistleblowing Programs