28 September 2016 | Stéphanie Yavordios

Publication of the European Commission’s preliminary report on the e-commerce sector inquiry: Identification of the main business practices that restrict competition

The European Commission has just released its preliminary report (the “Report”) on the e-commerce sector inquiry it had launched in 2015. This inquiry is part of the European Commission’s strategy to create a digital single market. It is intended to provide an overview of the major trends in European e-commerce markets and to identify trade […]

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1 March 2014 | Claire Perez

Determination of the competent court in the framework of cross-border disputes within the eu

Regulation 44/2001 known as the “Brussels I Regulation” [1] lays down rules on the jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters within EU Member States. It includes provisions to determine the competent court in disputes that fall within its scope of application. The basic principle, set forth in Article […]

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1 September 2011 | Flore Foyatier

Enhanced consumer protection on the internet

Consumer protection on the Internet has been improved following the entry into force of Ordinance n°2011-1012 of August 24, 2011 on electronic communications adopted further to the Law n°2011-302 of March 22, 2011 transposing two EC Directives on electronic communications. The main effect of the Ordinance is to strengthen the protection of consumers who use […]

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