Published on 10 July 2023 by Thomas Caveng

WLG ׀ impact ’23 – Local steps to global impact: Our contribution to this global CSR initiative

As part of the annual network-wide Corporate Social Responsibility initiative called WLG ׀ impact ‘23 promoted by the World Law Group, a network of 61 leading independent law firms with more than 400 offices in major commercial centers worldwide to which our Firm belongs, we partnered with the soccer division of the  multi-sports club called Rhodia-Vaise Club based in the 9th District of Lyon to host a cleaning session.

The Rhodia-Vaise Club is a multi-sports club with divisions for soccer, gymnastics-bodybuilding-yoga- pilates, judo, tennis, triathlon and volleyball. It has over 1,000 members.

It was created back in 1951 by the Works Council of the company Rhodiaceta, a subsidiary of Rhône-Poulenc which was then a leading chemical and pharmaceutical group.

When the Rhodiaceta plant was shut down in 1981, the City of Lyon took over the site and made it available to the Club. The City of Lyon remains however the owner of the lands, pitches, facilities, and buildings located on the site.

A member of our team, Béatrice, is actively involved in the soccer division as she works there as volunteer treasurer.

The Chair of the soccer division, Mr. Jean-Jacques Richard, is very sensitive to environmental issues and has been committed to raise environmental awareness among soccer players, especially the young ones, for many years.

It is in this context that we decided to work with him and the Club on a cleanup session of the part of the site dedicated to soccer activities.

As such, on July 3, some members of Soulier Avocats went on site and joined Jean-Jacques and some young soccer players led by Matys.

Our mission: Removing, collecting, and sorting all kinds of garbage, trash and waste, including cigarette butts, food packaging, food scraps, straws and coffee sticks, plastic bottles and caps, lids and other plastic utensils, glass bottles, cans, bottle caps, etc.

We did our best to clean-up the site and had a great time all together doing something for our planet.

We are really proud to be part of an organization, the World Law Group, that is working together for what matters.

Thomas Caveng

Legal Translator / Marketing Director

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