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30 June 2021

Podcast: Jean-Marie Deveaux, a convenient scapegoat

Christophe Hondelatte, a French TV and radio journalist, interviewed André Soulier in a podcast entitled Jean-Marie Deveaux, a convenient scapegoat as part as his “Hondelatte tells” podcast series broadcasted on Europe 1, a leading French private radio station.

The so-called Jean-Marie Deveaux case, often described as one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in French criminal history, had a considerable impact because it is directly at the origin of the 1970 French Indemnification Act which provides for the indemnification of people sentenced wrongly before being cleared of all charges pursuant to a dismissal, discharge or acquittal ruling.

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26 December 2016

Procedural consequences related to the impossibility to enforce a judgment

No one can be expected to do the impossible. By judgment dated September 7, 2015, provisionally enforceable, the Commercial Court of Lyon ordered one of our clients – an asset manager – to produce a number of accounting and financial documents to one of its former clients, subject to a daily penalty of 5,000 euros. […]

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29 August 2016

Recent judicial developments: Law and Morality

A recent case – there is no need to mention the name of the person involved since the media have extensively echoed the accusations made by boy scout victims of sexual abuses by a priest in the 1980’s and at the beginning of 1991 following the recent indictment of such priest on charges of sexual […]

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28 May 2015

The concept of Third Party Ownership in the international professional football industry (continued)

As announced in our December 2014 e-newsletter, following FIFA’s decision to ban Third-Party Ownership (“TPO”) arrangements worldwide, the French Professional Football League (“LFP”) had decided to launch a fact-finding mission with the League 1 and League 2 professional clubs, as well as participants in TPO arrangements, the players’ union, and sports agents who have already […]

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22 December 2014

The concept of Third Party Ownership in the international professional football industry

The professional football industry, a thriving business (increased TV rights, emergence of major sportswear and football equipment suppliers, implementation of new economic models by football clubs through the ownership of stadiums where people can now do many things other than just watching a game, etc.), naturally strives to ensure the integrity and loyalty of sports […]

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