30 January 2019 | Geoffroy Lacroix

DGCCRF’s investigation in the electronic communications industry

In November 2018, the Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Protection and Frauds) published the results of its investigation concerning compliance with the rules on economic protection of consumers in the electronic communications industry. The investigation revealed many breaches of French consumer […]

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31 October 2018 | Stéphanie Yavordios

Arbitration clauses and jurisdiction clauses: Two separate sets of rules that should not be confused

Arbitration clauses and jurisdiction clauses are frequently included in contracts entered into between merchants. Both types of clauses are designed to set out the procedure that shall govern any dispute arising from or in connection with the contract. However, they should not be confused as they are not exactly the same and are subject to […]

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30 May 2018 | Flore Foyatier

Reform of French contract law – Ratification Law published on April 21, 2018: General Presentation

Ordinance n°2016-131 of February 10, 2016 for the reform of contract law, the general regime of obligations and proof of obligations came into force on October 1, 2016. This reform was primarily aimed at codifying established and settled case-law principles but it also introduced new legal concepts and obligations. Law n° 2018-287 dated April 20, […]

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30 May 2018 | Anaëlle Idjeri

Reform of French contract law – Ratification Law published on April 21, 2018: Main changes impacting business law

While it did not drastically alter the changes brought about by Ordinance n° 2016-131 of February 10, 2016, the Ratification Law n° 2018-287 of April 20, 2018 did modify some aspects of French contract law and introduced a distinction between substantive amendments that will become effective as from the entry into force of the Ratification […]

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