17 October 2022 | Thomas Caveng

The J.M. Deveaux Case: André Soulier, the lawyer who had the law changed

“He is one of the six lawyers who have had the greatest impact on justice over the last two centuries”: This is what another leading lawyer, Mr. Vergès, known for having defended Klaus Barbie, said about Mr. Soulier.

He supported his statement by referring to a case that took place in the city of Bron a little more than 60 years ago, but which had a national echo because of its irreversible impact on the rights of people bearing the brunt of injustice.

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26 August 2021 | Thomas Caveng

Publication of Lexology Getting The Deal Through: Government Relations 2021 Guide

We are pleased to announce the release of the Lexology Getting The Deal Through: Government Relations 2021 Guide.

This Guide, published by Lexology, Law Business Research Limited, provides a comparative analysis of the legal frameworks, regulations and procedures concerning the practice of government relations and lobbying within the most significant jurisdictions worldwide.

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