27 June 2019 | Soulier Avocats

New thresholds immediately applicable for the appointment of statutory auditors

Following a report drawn up by the General Inspectorate of Finance on the certification of the accounts of French small businesses, the Government has included in the Law on business growth and transformation, known as the “PACTE” Law , provisions for an harmonization of the thresholds for the appointment of statutory auditors regardless of the corporate form of the company whose accounts are certified, thereby raising the certification thresholds in commercial companies to the level of the thresholds for small businesses provided for in the Accounting Directive 2013/34/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of June 26, 2013.

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1 April 2010 | Soulier Avocats

Public procurement contracts and the exemption regime

By judgment dated February 10, 2010[1], the Conseil d’Etat[2] voided certain provisions of the Decree of December 19, 2008 that amended Article 28 of the French Public Procurement Contracts Code (“FPPCC”) with regard to the threshold under which contracting authorities are exempt from certain market tendering procedural rules. Article 28 of the FPPCC, as amended […]

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