Published on 29 August 2016 by Thomas Caveng

Centum Electronics acquires French Adetel Group

Jean-Luc Soulier, Catherine Nommick and Emilie Ducorps-Prouvost have assisted Centum Electronics, an Indian group listed on the National Stock Exchange of India and global leader in the field of high value-added products and services for high-tech industries, in connection with the acquisition of a 51% majority interest in Adetel Group, a French group with 600 employees, specialized in the design and production of critical electronic systems for power electronics, control systems and energy storage applications in the railway, aeronautics, defense/security, medical industries.

This acquisition will strengthen the complementarity of the two group’s offers and will allow the new alliance to become a global player towards major industrials assisting them in their international projects.

Centum Electronics was also assisted by its Indian legal counsel, Mr. Srinath Dasari, partner at the law firm AZB & Partners.

Read Centum Electronics’ press release

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