Published on 29 November 2016 by Thomas Caveng

Crisis communication: An insurance against reputation damage

Jurisdiction: France

Author: Michel-Hubert Jamard

Company: euro2C


Accidents, labor disruptions, financial crisis, news stories, class actions, etc. A multiplicity of more or less serious reasons may lead to negative media coverage for a company, whatever its branch of activity, its size, its location and its reputation.

The risk is even higher now because, with the advent of digital technologies and new media, anyone who possesses a smartphone can become a field reporter capable, through social media, of giving national or even international visibility to an event that would otherwise have remained ignored or, at worst, confined to a local scope. This is an additional reason why crisis communication should not been reduced to the mere ability to speak to the media. As crucial as it may be, this stage is in fact only the final step of a substantive work process designed to make the action of speaking out fully effective.

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