15 March 2022

Foreign investments

Any foreign investment to be made in France in so-called “sensitive” business sectors, such as those related to national defense or likely to affect public order or activities that are essential to the protection of the country's interests, is subject to a prior authorization procedure by the French Minister of the Economy. Failure to comply with this procedure may have serious consequences. View all our posts on this subject!
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21 April 2021

Compliance & Regulatory

Today more than ever, any and all businesses must implement processes to ensure that their operations and the actions of their managers and employees comply with applicable laws, regulations and other legal and ethical standards. Compliance, as a key to risk prevention, has become a major challenge for all corporate and business functions. View all of our posts on this cross-cutting issue!
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26 February 2019

RGPD, blockchain and personal data

With the emergence of digital technologies and the advent of "big data", the protection of personal data has become a major issue for all organizations, particularly because of the financial penalties incurred in the event of non-compliance with applicable legislation. View all our posts on the subject!
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