Construction / Infrastructure projects

Construction law governs the relationships between all the parties involved in what is often referred to as the “act of construction” (which includes construction works, renovation works, etc.).

Soulier Avocats’ lawyers assist these various market players – project owners, project managers, construction companies, architects, control and certification bodies, etc. – in connection with the design and structuring of contractual arrangements and the preparation and negotiation of all types of instruments related to the conception, construction, renovation and/or operation of real estate properties (EPC contracts, so-called FIDIC contracts, real estate development agreements, grouping agreements, off-plan sale contracts, general contractor agreements, project management contracts, assistance to project owner agreements, etc.).

They provide legal and strategic assistance in the management of difficulties likely to arise during the performance of the works (disasters, accidents, discontinuation of works, disputes, etc.) and on the key phases of works delivery and approval as well as during the so-called perfect completion warranty year (late deliveries, non-compliance, defects, etc.).

In this respect, they have developed in-depth knowledge of the various remedies available before civil and administrative courts, such as interim injunction proceedings, emergency procedures, court-ordered expert investigations, liability claims and enforcement of legal and contractual warranties.