Published on 1 July 2013 by Thomas Caveng

First Ahimsa RoundTable

Our firm sponsored and participated in the first Ahimsa RoundTable, a series of annual working sessions that constitute a regular forum that can address central themes for Global Health, organized in collaboration by the World Faiths Development Dialogue and Ahimsa Fund, an endowment fund that contributes to development by proposing healthcare initiatives that target underprivileged populations.

Designed to propel and inspire change and lead to innovative actions in the field of Global Health, this first Ahimsa RoundTable had as a central theme the work of faith based communities, and particularly its innovative dimensions. 72 persons from 30 different nationalities, directly involved in public health initiatives in their own country, participated to the RoundTable to share their field experiences and reflect collectively on how to scale up successful initiatives in different world regions.

Read the report of the first Ahimsa RoundTable

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