Published on 1 November 2013 by Thomas Caveng

Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications

We are pleased to announce the release of the Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications.

This Guide, designed as a reference multi-jurisdictional handbook, provides useful and synthetic information on the obligations imposed on companies with respect to the notification of data breaches that result in the violation/hacking of personal data, in 43 jurisdictions around the world.

It was created and prepared by the members of the World Law Group Privacy Matters Group. The World Law Group is a network of leading independent law firms with more than 325 offices in major commercial centers worldwide.

Our firm has authored the chapter France of this Guide.

Eager to provide companies with up-to-date information in a fast-changing legal and regulatory environment, the World Law Group has launched a micro website dedicated to these issues where this Guide can be downloaded for free.


Thomas Caveng

Legal Translator / Marketing Director

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