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Experts’ Contributions

In this Section, we are pleased to publish contributions and insights from legal professionals, most of whom from leading foreign law firms with which we regularly work on transnational cases and transactions.


In a context of globalization and permanent changes, these contributions open windows on the world and, through a legal analytical prism, help us better understand the tremendous structural, institutional and business shifts affecting our present-day societies.

These articles also provide valuable information to businesses wishing to expand or consolidate their operations internationally.


Aug 2019
The African Continental Free Trade Agreement: A New Thrust with Endless Potentials for Intra-African and International Trade
The African Continental Free Trade Agreement is by far one of the most ambitious economic steps that Africa has ever taken as a Continent.
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May 2019
The Countdown is on! Changes to Canadian Trademark Law Coming June 2019
Significant changes are underway to Canadian trademark law and practice this year with an overhaul to legislation taking effect on June 17, 2019.
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Apr 2019
Flexibility: the new leitmotiv of businesses
Deeply affected by technological breakthroughs, the world of work is changing. Businesses must evolve at high speed to keep pace with market changes. The so-called PACTE Law, designed to “adapt companies to the realities of the 21st century”, reflects these upheavals. Its credo: injecting more flexibility into the inner workings.
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Nov 2018
New Finnish Trademarks Act – What’s Changing?
Finnish trademark law will undergo a major reform at the beginning of 2019 when the new Finnish Trademarks Act enters into force. The government proposal for the new Act was introduced to parliament on 18 October 2018.
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Sep 2018
U.S. and European Loan Markets: Comparative Approach to Sanctions Provisions
Economic sanctions, when imposed by a regime, have the purposes of advancing national security, foreign policy or economic goals. Sanctions can take multiple forms, including restrictions on investment, restrictions on trade, restrictions on travel, and economic or financial sanctions intended to freeze the assets of the sanctioned subject or to block access to capital markets and financial services. Financial sanctions imposed by any number of jurisdictions can have significant relevance in international loan market transactions, and a breach of financial or trade sanctions carries serious reputational risks for a financial institution in addition to the risk of heavy financial penalties.
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Jun 2018
Welcome to the Magic Kingdom: Start-ups and Investment in Technology and Innovation in Saudi Arabia
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Nov 2017
New Trade Secrets Act to Protect Confidential Corporate Information
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment just published a committee report including a proposal for a new Trade Secrets Act.
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Oct 2017
Doing Business in Italy
A legal guide that addresses the broad range of issues related to doing business is an ambitious project: Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners’ intent is to highlight the most
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Sep 2017
New Law regarding the posting of workers and its implications for posting companies
The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted a new law on the posting of workers that implements into domestic law Directive 2014/67/UE dated May 15, 2014 (the ”Enforcement Directive”) on the enforcement of Directive 96/71/EC concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services (the “Posting Directive”).
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Dec 2016
Today, being present on social networks is absolutely essential to drive consumer growth and retention
The increasing use of the Internet has changed the behavior of French people and their consumption patterns. France has today almost 50 million Internet users, and 92% of businesses are present on the Internet.
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Dec 2016
Post-Election Analysis 2016: Trade
We are pleased to publish this month a contribution entitled Post-Election Analysis 2016: Trade, authored by our colleagues Raul R. Herrera, Partner, J. David Park, Partner, Dana Weekes, Associate and Amy Davenport, Senior Policy Specialist, at the US law firm Arnold & Porter LLP.
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Nov 2016
Crisis communication: An insurance against reputation damage
Accidents, labor disruptions, financial crisis, news stories, class actions, etc. A multiplicity of more or less serious reasons may lead to negative media coverage for a company, whatever its branch of activity, its size, its location and its reputation.
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Nov 2015
Keeping in step with worldwide arbitral norms – recent developments in Singapore
In line with Singapore’s reputation as a preferred arbitration destination, Singapore has recently amended its laws to bring its arbitration regime in line with the world’s best practices. Among the changes made are clarifications on the powers of an emergency arbitrator and the application of foreign limitation periods to claims governed by foreign law.
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Oct 2015
Les lois de l’adaptation de l’entreprise (étrangère) en France
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Sep 2015
Guidelines of the Electric Market
We are pleased to publish this month a contribution entitled Guidelines of the Electric Market authored by our colleague Juan Carlos Machorro, partner at the Mexican law firm Santamarina y Steta.
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Dec 2014
Changes to Irish Employment Permits Legislation
We are pleased to publish this month a contribution entitled Changes to Irish Employment Permits Legislation, authored by our colleagues Ger Connolly and Jane Pilkington, partners, and Avril Daly and Caragh Deasy, associates, at the Irish law firm Mason Hayes & Curran. As of 1 October 2014, a new employment permits regime is in force in Ireland following the commencement of the Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014. This contribution takes a look at the new categories of employment permits under the Act and considers how the elimination of certain gaps in the existing regime will practically affect employers and individuals alike.
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Sep 2014
Simple Mistakes and Human Errors – What Can be Learned from Accidental Data Breaches
While the technological details of securing data such as encryption, firewalls and “access control mechanisms” might command the attention of data protection lawyers and industry specialists alike, many data breaches originate from simple human error. This is reflected in the case studies from the 2013 Annual Report of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.
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Aug 2014
New Rules on Takeover Bids
On 1 July 2014, new, more stringent and detailed rules on takeover bids in listed companies came into force. The rules are the result of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s revision of the rules in this area.
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Dec 2013
Mediation – Not for real litigators?
This contribution explores the current status of mediation, a faster, better and less expensive dispute resolution method than litigation and arbitration
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Nov 2013
Buyers Beware! New Environmental Due Diligence Standard Issued
The contribution provides valuable information on the recent issuance by the ASTM International of E1527-13
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Sep 2013
Litigation Process in Denmark
The purpose of this contribution is to give those, who may need to bring or defend proceedings in Denmark, a broad understanding of what such proceedings involve.
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Nov 2012
Competition Law in ASEAN: A South-East Asian Perspective
The introduction of a nation-wide competition policy and law by 2015 is a prerequisite for the Members
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Sep 2012
Foreign Investment Law
This contribution addresses the recent changes in Mexican foreign investment law concerning in particular the applicable requirements for foreign individuals
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Jun 2012
OSHA Updates Chemical Workplace Safety Regulations to Conform with International Standards
This contribution provides valuable information on the major overhaul of the Hazard
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Nov 2009
Competition Amendment Act signed into Law
This contribution provides an overview of the new provisions applicable in respect of competition & antitrust.
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Sep 2009
Need for Compliance with the Competition Act, 2002
This contribution provides valuable information on the new antitrust and competition provisions that represent a major shift from the previous
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Jul 2009
American discovery methods for international arbitration
This contributions explains the possibility for a party in international private arbitration to seek discovery in the United States.
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Dec 2008
Doing Business in the United States: The Basics
This contribution provides practical information about starting a business in the US for European investors, and includes a snapshot
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Nov 2008
New SICAR legislation now in force: Go ahead for multiple compartments
This contribution addresses the Luxembourg Law voted on October 15, 2008 introducing a number of improvements
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Oct 2008
Implementation Begins on United States Emergency Financial Relief Program
This contribution focuses on how the US Secretary of the Treasury is going about to implement the centerpiece
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Nov 2007
Privatizations: an overview
This contribution outlines the process of taking a public listed company private and provides an overview of the legal framework and issues involved in such a process.
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Oct 2007
No-hire clauses – Agreements between companies which restrict or may restrict the employment opportunities of employees
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Sep 2007
Financial Assistance Squeeze-Outs and Delistings
This contribution addresses the legal issues associated with taking a public company private and with the transfer of a public company's assets.
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Dec 2006
The Companies Act 2006 – Directors Duties and Derivative Action
This contribution sums up the main provisions of the new Companies Bill which has just been implemented in the United Kingdom.
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Nov 2006
Acquiring Canadian Income Trusts
This contribution addresses the impending reform of the fiscal treatment of certain categories of investment funds (specifically income trusts).
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Oct 2006
Financial Entities Law of Argentina – Scope of Application
This contribution provides an analysis of the Argentine Law on Financial Entities which is of the essence as any entity performing activities that fall
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