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WLG Merger Control Guide 2020

World Law Group Ltd., 2020

Designed as a quick reference resource for every organization which is involved in M&A transactions, the WLG Merger Control Guide 2020 provides “at-a-glance” information on merger control for 91 jurisdictions around the world, in particular on two of the most important questions related to merger control, i.e. “thresholds” and “stages”.

“Threshold” identify the relevant prerequisites that trigger an obligation under Merger Control rules to notify a national competition authority of a contemplated or pending transaction, such as a merger or acquisition. “Stages” describe the procedure and the investigation periods once the national competition authority has been notified of a transaction.

Brief answers to both questions are provided country-by-country.

Jean-Luc Soulier and Geoffroy Lacroix have authored the chapter France of this Guide.

The WLG Merger Control Guide 2020 was composed by the members of the Antitrust & Competition Practice Group of the World Law Group, a network of 59 leading independent law firms with more than 400 offices in major commercial centers worldwide.

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