Published on 1 June 2008 by Thomas Caveng

Soccer and finance related criminal litigation

Soccer and finance related criminal litigation. André Soulier obtained a favorable judgment before the Court of Appeals of  Aix en Provence  in a case concerning the transfer of the international soccer player Eduardo Tuzzio between Olympique de Marseilles and Servette Genève where the transfer indemnities more than doubled in a few days (from EUR 2,500,000, to more than EUR 5,000,000). By judgment dated May 11, 2007, the Criminal Court of Marseilles condemned 7 persons – including an executive of Olympique de Marseilles, Eduardo Tuzzio himself and his agent – for misappropriation of assets, forgery and use of forged documents and illegal use of misappropriated funds and acquitted Mr. Patrick Trotignon, former President of the Servette de Genène.  By judgment dated May 20, 2008, the Court of Appeals of Aix en Provence confirmed the first instance decision and definitively dismissed Mr. Trotignon who has been defended throughout the procedure by André Soulier. 

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