Published on 1 May 2007 by Thomas Caveng

Transfer of the international soccer player Eduardo Tuzzio

André Soulier pleaded before the Criminal Court of Marseilles in a case concerning the transfer of the international soccer player Eduardo Tuzzio between the Olympique de Marseilles and the Servette Genève. The transfer, in the amount of EUR 5,289,000, was considered as fraudulent by the Public Prosecutor. 7 persons in total – player, agents, managers of both clubs – were indicted for misappropriation of assets, forgery and use of forged documents and illegal use of misappropriated funds. 5 were condemned to imprisonment – with suspended sentence or not – and ordered to pay fines; 2 were simply and purely acquitted, including Mr. Patrick Trotignon, currently President of the Berrichone de Châteauroux (French soccer club) and former President of the Servette de Genène, who was defended by André Soulier (copy of the judgment of the Marseille Criminal Court available on request).

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