Published on 1 June 2012 by Thomas Caveng

WLG Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs

The implementation of a whistleblowing program, i.e.  a system encouraging employees to report issues that can affect the business of their company or involve its responsibility, is subject to specific rules that vary from on country to another.

Consequently, companies acting in a global environment, with subsidiaries in different countries, face a difficult task: establishing a whistleblowing program that is both effective and consistent across the entire organization and which, at the same time, complies with all the specificities and requirements of local data protection laws and labor laws.

The Privacy Matters Group of the World Law Group, a non-exclusive worldwide network of independent law firms to which our firm belongs, has just published a synthetic and harmonized country-by-country guide to help companies structure and handle the implementation of compliant whistleblowing programs.

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