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30 January 2019 | Thomas Caveng

US Regulation of Food Products: What to Expect in 2019

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA or the Agency) and the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) 2018 policy and regulatory activities have set the foundation for a robust 2019 policy agenda — once the partial shutdown of the US government ends. While we await the resolution of the shutdown — which has suspended all but the most urgent food regulatory tasks — and issuance of FDA’s strategic plan for 2019, there are key FDA, USDA and legislative developments that occurred towards the end of 2018 that should be on the radar of every company that manufactures, sells or markets conventional food or dietary supplement products in the United States.

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28 September 2018 | Thomas Caveng

U.S. and European Loan Markets: Comparative Approach to Sanctions Provisions

Economic sanctions, when imposed by a regime, have the purposes of advancing national security, foreign policy or economic goals. Sanctions can take multiple forms, including restrictions on investment, restrictions on trade, restrictions on travel, and economic or financial sanctions intended to freeze the assets of the sanctioned subject or to block access to capital markets and financial services. Financial sanctions imposed by any number of jurisdictions can have significant relevance in international loan market transactions, and a breach of financial or trade sanctions carries serious reputational risks for a financial institution in addition to the risk of heavy financial penalties.

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29 June 2018 | Thomas Caveng

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom: Start-ups and Investment in Technology and Innovation in Saudi Arabia

Title: Welcome to the Magic Kingdom: Start-ups and Investment in Technology and Innovation in Saudi Arabia Jurisdiction: UAE Author: Elye Parata Law firm: Al Tamimi & Company Subject: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently going through major social and economic reforms as part of Saudi Vision 2030 and the associated National Transformation Programme. The […]

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