Published on 30 November 2018 by Thomas Caveng

New Finnish Trademarks Act – What’s Changing?

Title: New Finnish Trademarks Act – What’s Changing?

Jurisdiction: Finland

Authors: Sakari Salonen and Nina Mikander

Law firm: Castrén & Snellman


Finnish trademark law will undergo a major reform at the beginning of 2019 when the new Finnish Trademarks Act enters into force. The government proposal for the new Act was introduced to parliament on 18 October 2018.

The new legislation replaces the previous, fairly inconsistent and outdated Trademarks Act from the 1960s, implements the revised Trademark Directive and enforces the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks. The new Act aims to achieve a major shift towards a more coherent and uniform national legal framework in compliance with European Union laws.

The reformed Act introduces numerous substantive and procedural changes.

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