Incorporation of commercial and civil companies/nonprofit associations/endowment funds:

  • Legal and tax optimization of the business structure,
  • Preparation of articles of association, by-laws and shareholders’ agreements,
  • Completion of legally required formalities.

Routine corporate secretarial works for listed and non-listed companies:

  • Approval of annual accounts and financial statements,
  • Amendments to articles of incorporation and by-laws,
  • Change and/or removal of salaried and non-salaried managers.

Equity transactions:

  • Share capital increases and decreases,
  • Issuance of securities,
  • Profit-sharing and incentive plans for employees and/or corporate officers (free allocation of shares, stock-options, share subscription or purchase options).

Internal reorganizations:

  • Mergers, split-offs, demergers,
  • Transfers of assets,
  • Winding-up, global transfer of assets and liabilities (known as Transmission Universelle de Patrimoineor “TUP” under French law), voluntary liquidation.