Literary and Artistic Property – Audiovisual Law

Intellectual property law comprises industrial property law on the one hand, and literary and artistic property law, i.e. copyright and related rights (rights of producers, rights of performers, rights of audiovisual communication companies) on the other hand.

Literary and artistic property law typically applies to “standard artworks” (musical works, literary works, etc.) and their environment. Yet, its scope has continued to expand and the IT and audiovisual sectors now lie at the heart of this law.

In this context, our services are structured around two lines of action:

Legal advice

  • preparation and negotiation of copyright transfer agreements, commission contracts, publishing contracts;
  • preparation and negotiation of audiovisual contracts: Production and coproduction contracts, contracts for the production, exploitation and promotion of TV shows and programs, services agreements (e.g. tours and shows), audiovisual adaptation contracts, artist work-for-hire agreements, patronage contracts, moderator contracts, broadcasting contracts, recording contracts, product placement contracts, sponsorship contracts, etc.;
  • legal advice and assistance in connection with internet-related agreements: Network contracts, brand deals, “top creator” agreements, partnership contracts and services agreements, talent agreements, strategic development agreements, talent production and promotional services agreements;
  • preparation and negotiation of copyrightable software transfer/licensing agreements and ancillary IT contracts;
  • legal advice and assistance with respect to employee creations.


  • Assistance, defense and representation before the courts having jurisdiction to adjudicate literary and artistic law disputes: summary proceedings and infringement proceedings.