Published on 9 February 2023 by Thomas Caveng

Launch of the new Compliance Task Force of the European American Chamber of Commerce Auvergne Rhone-Alps in partnership with Soulier Avocats

A new Task Force to better meet the needs of businesses

Compliance has become a major challenge for all corporate functions and an essential element to secure business activities.

The stakes are high… and the financial, legal and reputational risks, often underestimated, are real.

In this context, the European American Chamber of Commerce Auvergne Rhone-Alps (EACC) has decided to create, in partnership with Soulier Avocats, a new Compliance Task Force dedicated to compliance.

The objective of this new Task Force is to allow the various compliance stakeholders to share their experiences and best practices in full confidentiality.

The Task Force will be led by our Counsel Claire Filliatre, Attorney-at-Law, Member of the Compliance Committee of the Lyon Bar and Chair of the “Private Business Ethics” sub-committee of the Compliance Committee.

For more information on the operation and objectives of this new Task Force, please refer to the EACC Compliance Task Force brochure.

A first session scheduled on February 28

The kick-off session of this new Compliance Task Force will take place on February 28, 2023 in the Lyon offices of Soulier Avocats and will take the form of a breakfast / conference.

It will be devoted to an overview of the main issues and challenges associated with compliance and will allow the participants to better grasp the practical difficulties and problems that companies are likely to face. In this context, two experienced compliance officers will share their experience and expertise:

  • Claire Loppinet, Group Risk and Compliance Manager at Institut Mérieux.
  • Loïc Servoz, Compliance Officer and lecturer in the Compliance and Business Ethics Post-graduate Degree at Lyon 2 University.

This kick-off session is open to any company director, general counsel, chief financial officer, in-house lawyer, compliance officer, risk manager, financial manager, internal auditor, human resources director, etc. who is confronted with compliance-related issues.

The first session of each new EACC Task Force is traditionally open to non-member groups and companies, at no cost.

Registration for this session is available via the following link: Registration page for the kick-off session of the EACC Compliance Task Force.

Subsequent “tailor-made” sessions

The next sessions of the Compliance Task Force will be dedicated to specific topics and will involve experts and specialists from various backgrounds (compliance officers, specialized lawyers, institution representatives, independent experts, chief CRS officers, etc.) in a concrete, contextualized and educational approach.

You are interested in compliance-related issues? You would like to know more about the compliance measures and systems that must be implemented under French law?

Visit our Compliance Information Center!

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