Urban Planning & Construction

Soulier Avocats brings together the skills and expertise required to assist all private and public actors involved in the implementation of construction, infrastructure and urban planning projects at their various stages: negotiation of construction contracts and financing agreements, delivery of urban planning, zoning and administrative authorizations, representation before civil and administrative courts.

Our team includes experts with complementary and transversal expertise required to deal with all the legal, financial and judicial issues that may arise for all these actors in connection with the definition, implementation and follow-up of their projects.

  • André Soulier

    Construction Real Estate

    Former 1stDeputy Mayor of Lyon, Former Vice-President of the Lyon Urban Community

    André Soulier mainly advises large French and foreign groups on construction and real estate law, and acts both as advisor and litigator.

    In particular, he has assisted one of Europe’s leading corporate real estate companies in several commercial building and skyscraper construction projects, including the Tour Oxygènein Lyon, and has monitored numerous downtown restructuring operations in conjunction with the relevant authorities. He is regularly asked to provide advice in connection with projects located throughout the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

    In addition to being a lawyer, André Soulier has held several public offices for more than thirty years, including that of Deputy Mayor of the City of Lyon for twenty-four years, during which time he participated in major construction projects, such as the Cité Internationalein its entirety, the transfer and related construction of the Lyon Trade Fairin Chassieu and many other public projects. Thanks to the experience he has acquired throughout his career, he has a perfect knowledge of how local authorities operate and proceed in terms of construction, urban planning, development, renovation and rehabilitation projects.

    André Soulier also provides legal assistance in connection with any difficulties that may arise during a project (claims, accidents, work interruptions, etc.) as well as at key stages of the acceptance process and during the year of perfect completion (delays, non-conformities, defects, etc.).

    He has a thorough knowledge of the various remedies available before civil and administrative courts, such as preventive summary proceedings, emergency proceedings, proceedings for the conduct of judicial expert investigations, liability actions and actions for the enforcement of legal and contractual guarantees. He has, for example, defended a European leader in the field of energy in disputes concerning buildings with serious defects within nuclear power plants, and managed and administered commercial lease disputes for a major player in real estate investment in France.

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  • Catherine Nommick

    Real Estate Acquisitions Real Estate Financing

    Former international in-house counsel at CCF-HSBC

    Catherine Nommick regularly assists French and foreign companies and investors in connection with real estate acquisitions and the structuring and implementation of real estate financing for all types of transactions (acquisition of real estate portfolios or business assets, real estate construction projects, promotion and valuation of existing assets, etc.).

    She recently provided legal assistance in relation to the acquisition of a prestigious real estate property located in France by a foreign industrialist and, in this respect, was responsible for coordinating the French and foreign tax teams, financiers and notaries, assisting the purchaser in negotiating the legal transactional documentation, conducting due diligence investigations, setting up the acquisition structure, and managed the sale of an industrial site within which operations subject to regulations on classified facilities were carried out.

    In her previous position at the Legal Affairs Department of CCF-HSBC, Catherine Nommick worked with the Real Estate Department on real estate financing and restructuring transactions. Drawing on this experience, she advises borrowers, investors, bankers and financial institutions in the drafting and negotiation of real estate financing contracts, the implementation of real estate sureties, the creation and registration of real estate companies. For example, she provided legal assistance in connection with the acquisition and financing of a Parisian hotel for renovation by a Belgian investor.

    Catherine Nommick also advises on commercial leases and “tailor-made” investment and construction projects, such as so-called VEFA (sale of a building not yet erected) and BEFA (lease pertaining to a building not yet erected). She recently assisted a Swedish group in the negotiation of a BEFA contract and a real estate development contract for the new headquarters and industrial site of its French subsidiary.

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  • Frédéric Chesney

    Urban Planning Zoning

    Former project manager for local authorities

    Frédéric Chesney specializes in public law, in particular urban planning, zoning and administrative law. He acts both as advisor and litigator.

    He was directly involved in the securitization and implementation of public policies as legal director of a municipality and then as project manager at the Mayor’s office of the main city of a French department.

    Drawing on this significant professional experience in the public sector, Frédéric Chesney now brings his expertise to local authorities and companies for all their urban planning, development and construction projects.

    Alongside the local authorities, he recently assisted a municipality of more than 65,000 inhabitants in connection with the preparation of its land use plan and performed, in collaboration with a urban planning agency, the review and validation of the materials included in the land use plan (sustainable development and planning project, presentation report, graphic document and regulations).

    He has been involved in similar assignments, alongside several public institutions, for the preparation of their territorial cohesion plans.

    Frédéric Chesney has assisted and represented many municipalities facing appeals against their local land use plan. He recently implemented the procedure provided for under Article L600-9 of the French Urban Planning Code before the Administrative Court of Appeals of Marseille for the remediation of defects affecting the preparation of the local land use plan of a municipality of 20,000 inhabitants.

    Alongside real estate developers, he frequently advises and reviews urban planning authorizations (development and building permits) and designs strategic defense strategies (negotiations, counterclaims for compensation through the implementation of the procedure punishing abusive claims, etc.)

    He has advised several major national commercial brands in commercial urban planning proceedings and represented them before the National Commission for Commercial Development.

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  • Jean-Luc Soulier

    Infrastructure Projects Construction Classified Facilities

    Jean-Luc Soulier has over 40 years’ experience in providing guidance and counseling to French and foreign listed and unlisted corporate clients operating in a wide range of sectors with respect to their operations and business dealings in France and Europe. In this context, Jean-Luc Soulier has represented French and foreign companies in the negotiation of construction contracts and financing agreements for major infrastructure projects such as:

    • completion of a nuclear power plant in Slovakia on behalf of a consortium formed by a large French electricity company and a German company operating in the same business sector;
    • assistance of an American company in negotiating the contract to install the first mobile telephone network in France;
    • assistance to an American engineering company in the negotiation of financing agreements, construction contracts and leases for the establishment in Saint-Denis and Marseille of major data centers to accommodate American telephone and Internet giants;
    • assistance of the Australian government in all phases of the construction of a memorial center dedicated to soldiers who died in the First World War next to a military cemetery in northwestern France.

    Jean-Luc Soulier also advises and defends French and foreign industrial companies subject to the classified facilities legal regime in their relationships with the administrative authorities, (extension or rehabilitation of industrial sites, operating authorizations and licenses, environmental liability of owners, operators and buyers, etc.).

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  • Laure Marolleau

    Regulatory Environment Classified Facilities

    Laure Marolleau advises French and foreign companies on French and European regulatory law, including in particular construction, environment and classified facilities. She acts both as advisor and litigator.

    As such, she assists the various stakeholders on the national or local legal and regulatory provisions applicable to their projects, and ensures the management and centralization of all administrative procedures and relationships with the competent authorities.

    Laure Marolleau also assists owners and operators of classified facilities in the context of the steps they must take and obligations they must meet at the stage of implementation, takeover, operation or cessation of operations, and provide legal advice on all issues related to site pollution, site remediation and treatment of waste from operations, as well as, more generally, on the applicable environmental and criminal liability regimes, depending on the nature of the sites concerned.

    She thus provides legal support to many companies operating classified facilities in the context of the construction, modification or closure of industrial sites (request for authorization or modification of operating conditions, discontinuation of operations, rehabilitation, etc.).

    Laure Marolleau also defends clients in administrative (control of the inspector of classified facilities, formal notice, administrative sanction), civil or criminal disputes.

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  • Pauline Kubat

    Construction Real Estate

    Pauline Kubat assists French and foreign companies in construction and real estate litigation, and represents them before judicial/administrative/arbitral courts or competent mediation bodies.

    As such, she provides legal assistance in connection with all judicial procedures related to real estate / construction transactions (summary proceedings, proceedings for the conduct of judicial expert investigations, summary proceedings to obtain compensation, proceedings on the merits, amicable and court-ordered expert investigations, etc.), to the implementation of warranties (warranties provided by manufacturers, developers and subcontractors, construction insurance, ten-year insurance, damage to works insurance, etc.), and to the search for and allocation of liability between the various stakeholders.

    In particular, she advised a Spanish company, first during the expert investigation phase and then during the litigation phase, in the context of the construction of a real estate complex in France, involving issues of subcontracting contracts, international secondment of employees and construction defects.

    She also assists the various players in the real estate market in the preparation of contractual arrangements as well as in the preparation and negotiation of the various types of contracts and agreements pertaining to the design, construction, renovation, acquisition and/or exploitation of works.

    She has for example assisted individuals and companies in the context of the acquisition of real estate properties in Catalonia.

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